Hello, Dog World!

I'm excited to announce that as of yesterday, I've officially expanded my writing portfolio to include the world of dog lovers!

As if you couldn't tell, I love dogs. Like, love them. My two boys are my world, now more than ever. While I'm going through what is hands down the hardest period of my life, my boys are my constant, my unwavering support no matter what, They make me laugh, make me feel safe, comfort me at the loneliest, darkest, ugliest moments, they never judge, they simply love, in a way that only dogs can. 

So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to be a contributor to The Dog Files (click to see my first post!). I'm so excited to share my writing with an even larger audience, one that's so near and dear to my heart. I never imagined I'd be able to combine everything I love, and get paid to do it while sitting on my couch in sweats and fuzzy socks.

Stay tuned, dog lovers!

Dogs > humans.

When a dream becomes reality

When a dream becomes reality

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