father's day.

This year I’ve become especially sentimental when it comes to father’s day.

In the year since we last celebrated fathers around the world, my life drastically changed.

The thing every father fears most happened. The man who vowed to love his daughter forever left her for someone else. Left her alone. The thing he promised, in front of my father himself, never to do.

This year taught me more than it taught my father. For he remained the same. He wasn’t sad when I told him. Not even angry. He simply looked at me and said, you’ll be alright.

And at the time, the time I was breaking the news to my parents that my husband had left me, which ultimately felt like the greatest failure -  that was what I needed. I had enough people feeling sorry for me or telling me I was better than this. But I needed someone to say yeah, this sucks. But you’re stronger than it. That he was not me. I had a life outside of a man.

So this father’s day, I celebrate what my father taught me. that any man who loves me should treat me as such. And I shouldn’t settle for less. that i'm not "hard to love" and some man exists somewhere who wants to "deal with me" and who loves every single quirky thing about me.

And that not matter what mistakes I make – my daddy will always be “on my side” with open arms.

love a girl who's damaged.

love a girl who's damaged.

until it happens to you.