Dear Patients

I'm sorry you're cold and had to ask for more blankets twice.

I'm sorry the monitor is beeping too much.

I'm sorry the television channels suck.

I'm sorry you have to wait for discharge paperwork. 

I'm sorry we're inconvieniencing you by drawing blood. 

I'm sorry you'd rather be home, but so would we. 

I'm sorry you're hungry and "haven't eaten all day", and we haven't provided a meal in the two hours you've been here.

I'm sorry because we're trying to save lives. We're trying to save someone's mother, son, grandma or pom-pom.

We're trying to console those who just lost someone. 

We're trying every last measure to maintain someone's airway or keep their heart beating. 

We're starting lines, placing catheters, running every medication we have to keep that blood pressure from dropping. 

If it was your family member laying on that cart, would you want their nurse bringing someone else a blanket? 

As nurses, all we ask is that you respect what we do - and consider the battle we're in before yelling at us that you're not receiving enough attention. We hear you, we know you're in pain. Let us go save a life first. 

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