Tees & Totes for the Book Lover in Your Life: Literarybookgifts.com

Tees & Totes for the Book Lover in Your Life: Literarybookgifts.com

Let me just say, I love tees & totes.

Concert tees, ones you steal from your boyfriend that are 10 sizes too big, that one ratty shirt you’ve had since elementary school because hello, nostalgia! I love tees so much, that I once tried a (nasty) beer that shall be remain nameless just for the free t-shirt.

The only thing I love more than tees & totes, is books.

So naturally, I was super excited to discover literarybookgifts.com.

I love supporting small businesses, especially when they offer a wide variety of unique, quality products. Literarybookgifts is just that.

My most recent order to this shop included two tee’s and one tote.

Tee’s: Ladies fit - Darwin’s Tree of Life & Men’s Fit - Kafka, Metamorphosis

The tee’s are printed on quality cotton fabric with designs as advertised. The men’s tee fits true to size, however the ladies run very small. I ordered a large, and it’s a super slim fit that doesn’t fit like a typical large. I suggest ordering a size or two up, or choosing a men’s design if you prefer looser-fitting tee’s.

Tote: Little Women


Now, as an owner of way too many totes, I admit my expectations were quite high. I have to admit, I was impressed with this tote. It’s roomy, without being too large that you feel like you’re carrying a suitcase around. The material is thick and quality, giving the impression it won’t tear with the slightest use. The image is lovely on a pinkish background.

So the next time you’re having a ‘treat yo self’ day or you are searching for the perfect gift, check out literarybookgifts.

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no excuses. (anymore)