no excuses. (anymore)

no excuses. (anymore)

I've spent the last (almost) year of my life making excuses.

I can't cook because my kitchen's too small now.

I can't eat healthy because I can't cook. 

I can't lose weight because I can't have my smoothies because my Vitamix was a victim of divorce.

I can't finish writing the book because I'm too busy (and I suck).

I can't save money because I'm single now. 

I can't be happy because what if it all falls apart again? 

I can't imagine a bright future with my boyfriend because if it didn't work out once, it probably never will. 

Well, folks. It's a little exhausting to constantly be battling your own mind. Doubts can be overwhelming and like to set up camp once you entertain them for just a moment. 

So today, my excuses are getting evicted. 

This weekend, I baked. That's right, I baked two different types of cookies for my boyfriend's birthday - in my impossibly small kitchen. Was it convenient? No. Was it possible? Yup. You know what else I did? I bought a blender. And made a smoothie. Imagine that...

My plate is overfull at the moment, with a busy job, grad school, freelancing, trying to write a novel, not neglecting my family & friends, and a boyfriend who knows all of these doubts swimming around in my head and likes me anyway. 

But you know what else? 

In two months we're going on vacation. To a beach I've never been to. Do I really want to be spending the whole week covering myself up because I let my doubts and anxiety keep me from the gym, from buying a damn blender, from trying - to do all of these things I know I'm so capable of doing? Do I really want to give you that much more of my life, after everything you've already stolen? You've taken almost a year - you're not getting anything else from me.




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